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My work is dedicated to explaining new ideas and exploring new ways to improve public services and empower communities

I offer expertise and training in asset principles (see below) and their implications on the way professionals and communities can work together.
I also specialise in research and policy development to inform and nurture innovative practice.

The values that inform my approach can be briefly summarised as:

Asset based – the approach values strengths, assets and associations as factors that sustain wellbeing, rather than focusing on the deficits and gaps
Place based – we work in the neighbourhood because it is the space in which connections are made, networks come together and shared interests are negotiated
Relationship based – the approach intentionally creates the conditions for reciprocity, mutuality and solidarity
Citizen-led, community driven – the objective is to empower individuals and communities to take control of their lives
Social justice and equality – the commitment is to enable everyone to have access to the assets and resources they need to flourish